Sara Bareilles live in London

aka How to make me incredibly happy in an hour and a half set

Dear, sweet sarabees. Did I ever tell you that tumblr is the reason I found Sara Bareilles? And that checking the Sara Bareilles tag pretty much makes my day? And if it wasn’t for that tag and the kind ones among you, I (as a UK citizen) would miss out on SO MUCH Bareilles? Thank you, lovelies. THANK YOU.

So last night I saw Sara live for the first time. It was amazing and joyous and fantastic and everything I hoped for. She is the goddess of all goddesses and I just love her.

Can’t remember the complete setlist, for those who are asking, but here are the songs I remember her playing (not in order, sorry):

Uncharted (opened with this), Love on the Rocks, Chasing the sun, Hercules, December, Blood Bank (Bon Iver), Dock of the Bay, Parking Lot (!!!!!), Gravity, Love Song, King of Anything, I Choose You, Brave, Come Round Soon (encore)


- how she rambles between songs - even more adorable than it looks on youtube videos. 

- how genuinely happy she looked everytime the audience sang along/did the claps/whistled/did the king of anything uh ohs, as if she’d been thinking we wouldn’t know it because we were usually on the other side of the Atlantic

- her dubious expression and then attempt to say “wanker” when we (le audience) old her it was a better word than douche

- her saying at the beginning “It’s been literally years” and someone yelling “IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS!” and how she looked genuinely shame-faced, and then promised randomly throughout the show that it wouldn’t be three years before the next time

- the religious experience that is Hercules live

- her singing Parking Lot for Clement. PARKING LOT!

OK I’m done for now.

It was amazing. 



dear straight people quit fucking appropriating the song brave by sara bareilles it was written about and for queer people

this is just sad.


Me on why it matters that Caitlin Moran thinks there aren’t any teenage girls in young adult fiction and what this has to do with the erasure of women in popular culture. Bonus John Green. 

New favourite gif.

New favourite gif.


So…. this tour is just the US? Again? Really? 

There’s a whole WORLD out here!

*crosses fingers for more dates announced*


"Introversion and shyness are two separate things which are often equated; the assumption is that if you are one, you are also the other. But introversion is a constant that forms the foundation of your personality, not inherently good or bad, but fundamental. Shyness is like a coat you can’t remember putting on, if someone gave it to you, or if you chose it yourself. You know you should take it off, but if you do, what if you’re cold? It’s kind of comfortable and familiar, in a suffocating kind of way. Far from being a part of your personality, it’s the shyness (or coat, if you will), that stops you from presenting that personality to the world."



I’m so sick of people saying they have “anxiety” when they really don’t. And having “anxiety” is becoming a trend and it’s honestly pissing me off. 

Because now people with anxiety are either looked at as being dramatic and fake or people don’t understand and push them to do things they just can’t do, like presentations, because they think they’re just nervous.

So, unless you’re clinically diagnosed with anxiety, shut the fuck up.

Do you know how hard it is for some people to even get a diagnosis of something like anxiety? Let’s not even go into the difficulty of even making it into a doctor’s office and forming the words “I think I have a problem”, you’ve got to hope you’re in a doctor’s office that contains a doctor who understands that anxiety is even a real thing and not just “people being dramatic” or whiny or “nervous”. YES there are doctors who think this too, and I guarantee you every one who thinks they MAY have anxiety (and struggles with the related anxiety of deciding whether they really DO have anxiety or whether they, themselves, are just BEING DRAMATIC or WHINY or NERVOUS) has worried that they will get a doctor who tells them to get over themselves.

You do not get to dictate when someone can and cannot say they have a disorder. Are there people who are claiming anxiety when they are “just nervous”? Sure. Just like there are people who say they’re depressed when they’re “just sad”. But not everyone is, and messages like this just make it harder for people to accept that they have a problem, that it is a real problem, and that the rest of the world will see it that way.

Being dismissive is just another way of furthering stigmas. So please keep your judgements to yourself.

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@kelly_clarkson Merry Christmas from the Blackstocks! Share your photos for a chance to win! More info here:  

Oh my LORD, is this real??? Why doesn’t it have 1000,0000 notes? 

Oh my LORD, is this real??? Why doesn’t it have 1000,0000 notes? 

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So today I was listening to Cassiopeia, which was the first track from TBU that I really loved, and I was thinking of all the new people who’ll get to hear it thanks to the Grammy nomination and that just makes me SO HAPPY and guys I’m so happy and proud aishjkajefaoklk.